About This

What happens at a Wellbeing Dinner

These dinners began back in my house with a bunch of school mums over dinner and "lots" of wine sometimes. Always everyone left on a high and I found people asking me when the next one was. Thus the "mindful mums dinners" turned into the Wellbeing Dinner series where women could come together in a safe place to share their stories, have a laugh and leave with more knowledge and genuine support.


No judgment

No pressure

(I'm an introvert - I get it. If you don't want to talk, I am not going to force you. Just enjoy the atmosphere.)


At Wellbeing Dinners, we will:

  • swap stories

  • have an informal discussion facilitated by myself as an expert coach who has the experience, expertise and empathy to ask powerful questions and give insight

  • share more ideas and possible solutions

  • decide to do 1 thing differently

  • take away a cheat sheet to remind you about your commitment to your wellbeing.


all while enjoying a lovely dinner and company!

Join us, we would love to see you!