Returning to Work Soon?

That's fantastic!


Mums are the most productive members of the Australian workforce! However, sometimes that transition back to work can be difficult. Research shows that in the first 2 years, a mothers' productivity can be 15% less than other women as they transition back into this new phase of life.


Mums deal with

    •    separation anxiety

    •    sleep deprivation

    •    mum guilt

    •    overcommitment

    •    unfair judgements.

Do you have a plan in place to make it easy?

A survey conducted by Circlein showed that only 37% of women had a plan in place when they went back to work. Within those plans, there would be components of childcare, house cleaning, pick up and drop offs, dinners and deadlines however I would bet that only a few included their own wellbeing in that plan (mums tend to put themselves last on the list).​

All the complications of returning to work stress mothers like us out (and we generally take it out on those at home rather than at work - let's be honest) and this lowers our wellbeing and our performance. We don't thrive at work and we don't enjoy being a mum. Only about 20% of us mums believe that we are thriving in our lives according to a recent Ernst and Young survey.

What would it mean to you to be able to go back to work with a clear conscience so you can deliver results and not stress out?

Return to Work Mentoring Program helps you figure out the BEST WAY FOR YOU to accelerate your transition back to work so that you are confident with choices and happy with yourself. This makes you a better employee AND a better parent - AND MOST IMPORTANTLY A BETTER HUMAN BEING.


This is an integrated program combining mindfulness, career coaching, strengths assessment, neuroscience and practical motherhood experience to support you in shortening that learning curve to being a thriving working parent that smashes out results during the day and switches off to enjoy their family at night.


Book a complimentary RTW Planning Session at a time that is convenient for you. 
Download a PDF of the RTW Parent Mentoring Program for more details or to gain your manager's support.