This girl's got plans!

Parenting teenagers can be tricky. It is a whole new set of challenges and skills to those toddler years we complain about so often.

Therefore when get moments like these, we want to remember them and savour them so we know that is wasn’t all eye rolls, grumbling under the covers, yelling to "get out of “my” room!", complaining that “my life is over!” and stomping around.

This was one of those savoured moments.

I can’t remember why I poked my head into my 17 year old’s room. Sometimes that is scary enough because you just never know what will greet you on the other side of the door…

Anyway, she was studying and then called me over “Mum, do you know where the least percentage of deaths happen from premature births?”

I had a guess and “kind of” got it right.

But then she said… “You know where the most are? The most are in Mount Druitt. Can you imagine that?”

I responded accordingly and began to leave.

As she turned back to her studies I heard her say “One day, I’ll change that... One day”

Having a purpose greater than yourself and that you are passionate about, that gives back to the world and makes it better – that is all I could ever want for my child (and for anyone).

I smiled as my heart burst with pride and I closed her door.

I will savour this moment.

My girl’s got plans!

What are yours?

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