Coaching and mentoring for mothers to find balance... and themselves, to perform at their best.

You're strong but exhausted. 

Stop balancing your life and start balancing your mind

As busy and devoted mothers, we become exhausted and stressed searching for that elusive work-life balance.


We want to be that woman who follows her dreams. Yet we worry about whether we are good enough. We stop ourselves from taking that next step in our lives wondering if we can handle it.


We do so much for everyone else: our work and our families, and this can come at a cost as we try to be everything to everyone. We feel the double-edged sword of "mum guilt".


We can push ourselves too far and neglect ourselves, become exhausted, get stressed out or overwhelmed, and that shows in our faces, our bodies, our relationships, our work, and in our children.

Start taking care of yourself here so you can take care of everything else.

Work with me and you will achieve









Coaching/ Mentoring Packages for Working Mothers

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The Balance Booster Program is for those women who literally want a booster shot to uplevel themselves without dropping any of the "balls in the air". This is an intensive 8-week program of 3 weeks on and 1 week off of coaching using the signature Care Circle.


Sessions are conducted over the phone; via Skype or face to face depending on convenience.


The Balance Booster will leave you feeling calm and confident in your choices. When that happens and you start honouring yourself ....everything changes and you uplevel yourself.

This program is for female business owners who want to step up and need someone in their corner to make sure it happens. This is an intensive 8-week program of 3 weeks on and 1 week off of coaching using the signature Care Circle.


Sessions are conducted over the phone; via Skype or face to face depending on convenience.


The Be Your Best for Your Business Program will propel you forward on your business journey to be the success you dreamed..

VIP 6 month Coaching Experience

More than just a program, this is an all inclusive individualised coaching experience

This is an intensive 6-month transformation backed by a researched analysis of your self-talk to learn how it could be holding you back and forcing you to play small. With batched coaching sessions (3 weeks on, 1 week off), we will explore and break through your self-sabotaging beliefs to become the Balanced Babe you are inside to smash your results by day and cuddle your family at night while having some me-time to recharge.



Coaching sessions can be conducted over the phone, via Skype or in person depending on location.


Given this is also a Executive package, and because you deserve it, there are extras to keep you focused and pampered on your journey - click the image to read the detail.

Return to Work Mentoring for Parents

Return to work balanced and with a clear conscience

The missing piece in the family-friendly workplace of flexible working practices, manager training, subsidised childcare, extra pay, and additional leave is THE MOTHER'S STATE OF MIND.


This mentoring ensures that you will be in the best frame of mind possible to perform at your highest level at work and at home.


You will be coached on pertinent topics over 6 weeks ideally bridging your return to work date, so you can make that emotional and psychological transition to fully engage with your new role as a thriving working parent in today's corporate world.


The Balanced Babe Circle goes for 3 months with fortnightly gatherings online and "homeplay experiments".


Group coaching is great for mums for a few reasons: Women need their female friends even more as they get older; You meet like-minded women who can support and hold you accountable. You can build and leapfrog off others' learnings and successes for even greater balance and achievement.

Each fortnight we cover different modules that explore our mummy mind blocks and breaking through them using the Care Factor Circle.

The Balanced Babe Circle will give you the skills and support to be in balance and remain full of self-care to achieve your dreams

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Testimonials from mums like you

"Shannon can help... Whatever YOU want, she helps with no judging on errors i could have made early on, instead she guides and gives advice and makes you realise no goal is too big.  What I liked instantly is that she comes with a strong business ethic and very skilled in what she does, and still very caring and supportive every step of the way".  - Becky J.


"What immediately impacted me was Shannon’s wealth of knowledge across many areas, and her understanding not only of research but how it fits into practice. Shannon used many analogies to explain her teachings that helped to inspire our thinking.” - Fiona M


“I was so impressed with Shannon’s genuine support, patience and understanding. In 3 hours, she helped me take accountability for where I head in my own life. I was given clarity and the confidence in myself to pave the path towards my dreams. I feel like a lot of stress and pressure was lifted. My time with Shannon helped me gain the ability to set my goals, simplify my life and realise I don’t actually have to sacrifice anything.”

Jasmine A.



“I regularly think of my learning experiences working with Shannon and thankful of the development opportunities she has helped enable. Working with Shannon ... provided so much relevance from a work perspective but also from a personal perspective and especially now with a little person who looks to me for leadership.” - Mel D.


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