The Millenial Meltdown is real

There is a mentality of we must do everything (for FOMO); that when combined with the rise of the nucleus family versus a village raising a child and what happens is that mothers push themselves beyond their limits for too long and don't "fill their own cup". Our bodies need at least 3-4 weeks of total rest a year according to psychologist Meredith Fuller. (But who really relaxes on their holidays nowadays?) Therefore more and more people are burning out earlier and earlier in their career - especially mothers.

We don't listen to our bodies as they tell us with headaches, pains, exhaustion and high blood pressure.


We don't listen to our friends when they comment that we are burning the candle at both ends and they want to help.

Maybe we CAN listen to ourselves - our own assessment of our state of being.

Take the quiz and take a look at yourself. Are you taking the best care of you?  (so then you can take the best care of others)